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SAKEMON is a cross-border online store, which opened in March 2019 based on a concept that we would like to deliver sake to the world much more. We sell mainly fresh sake at the reasonable price in Japan. We respond to requests as below

- Sake Lover
- Lover of Japanese culture
- Person who wants to try a new drink
- Person who has had a drink in Japan
- Person who has a plan to travel to Japan
- Person looking for a special gift

We will meet the expectations of customers as above. We will make customers feel much closer to sake and Japanese alcohol, and strive to offer opportunities.

We try to find the best sake. There are many Sake foundries in Japan. It's not easy to find the best sake of all. The SAKEMON staff are often visiting breweries to find new sakes.


what our customers say

I’m a wine snob...but new re: sake! I really enjoyed sake! Worth the price! And loved the free ship promo. Now, I will only buy the product from Sakemon. Already been bookmarked.

By Lisa J

We received our first 4 Sakes and so far we absolutely loved the first two we tasted. We can't wait until the next shipment.

By Rose D

This is one of the best Junmai Daiginjo we've ever had. We ordered this bottle at n/naka and will never drink another brand again. We always make sure to stock this brand in our inventory.

By Andrea B